About the Artist

afroamerican-499208_960_720In 1999, Allen Williams wrote the song “Numbers Rap” for his pre-school students. After playing it for his students, a little girl asked, “Where can I find that song?”

Thus, Allen Williams decided to embark on his career in music.

Allen Williams started singing part-time in churches, libraries, festivals, and schools. His all-original melodies centered on a lot of topics like math, science, arts, dance, health, manners, development, language, and safety tips.

His first album, “Rap for Kids” (2000) featured puppets which kids still request up until now. The next albums were “Singing, Rapping, Learning” Volumes 1-2 (2001-2002) are still a big hit now.

In 2003, Allen Williams decided to go all out with his musical career, and to this day he is still making music.