Allen Williams is a music teacher with more than 10 years of experience in Florida and Pennsylvania. He got his Master’s Degree in Education from Penn State College of Education, and his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Saint Francis University.

Allen has been successfully merging his talents in music with his passion of teaching kids to make songs that bring happiness and joy to children through sixth grade.

His musical performances have the following themes:

  • Personality Development
  • Academic Subjects
  • Safety
  • Healthy Habits


pexels-photo-104084Allen has released 3 albums for children. The latest one is called “Songs for Growing Up,” highlights many of the factors that are part of character development such as respect, friendship, and honesty. One of Allen’s songs, “We’re All Part of This,” became a sleeper hit.



pexels-photo-110127Allen Williams is a motivational speaker and motivational singer who gives kids encouragement to every day by going for their dreams, and reach out to help each other make joyous music together. He has performed for a multitude of kids in the United States, and he is on a mission to reach out to more churches, schools, and many more child-oriented programs, to send his positive messages for a brighter tomorrow.¬†Allen Williams’ music will dovetail neatly with the mission of your school.